What’s Football Got To Do With Business Loans?

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

A Game of Strategy

Football is a strategy game to gain the territory of the competition by advancing at least ten or more yards at a time until one of the opposing teams scores a touchdown. A football player catches the ball from the quarterback, sprints, and carries the ball to the end zone, and scores a touchdown if he dodges and outruns the competition.

A Business Strategy To Gain Market Share

Similarly, we can compare a business owner to a football player. He will develop strategies in his business expertise to gain market share and generate profits for his business. But, like the football player, he needs a precise throw from the quarterback, and sometimes the business owner needs an accurate throw or a business loan from a private lender to help him score a business touchdown.

Before the game, the team devises a strategic play each time they play a game. In the same way, a business owner develops a strategy for a commercial business loan and has a private lender customize a loan that best fits his business needs. That strategy serves as a powerful tool to win the game. Getting a customized business loan will allow a business owner to apply his business strategy and win profits. This tool gives the business access to funding for expansion projects or continuous interrupted operations.

The right strategic play(s) can be different and unique each time and so it will be with the right commercial lending solution. Each time a business has its financial challenges, the business owner will need to implement a play, a strategic play, to fund the company with a loan.

The Most Valuable Player

A savvy business owner does what it takes to achieve his targets, and if it takes getting a business loan, he will take a business loan. When a business owner strategically uses a business loan, he acts, dodges, and outruns his competition. As a result, he gains more market share and territory, saves, grows, and expands his business.

Perhaps the business is experiencing a cash flow issue or needs to buy expensive operating equipment. Maybe the business owner is aggressive about expanding his business and needs the funding to open a new facility. Perhaps he is a savvy investor and knows how to use other people’s money (OPM) to invest in real estate properties or other real estate projects.

As simple as they sound, business loans have so many applications in the business world. Business owners use loans for various reasons or initiatives.

Below are some of the most common business loan applications:

  • Finance equipment, new or used if it is practical for the business.

  • Increase inventory levels for a demanding season.

  • Finance expansion projects to increase the business.

  • Open a new office, store, branch, or buy out a partner.

  • Keep cash flowing to keep the business running smoothly.

  • Consolidate business debt, reduce monthly payments, and save on interest rates.

  • Invest in real estate.

The kind of business determines the type of loan, the industry sector, season of the year, the supply and demand for the product and services provided by the business, or other reasons.

Score A Touchdown

Commercial business loans come in two primary types: secured and unsecured business loans. Borrowers can decide after careful consideration what is most practical for their business. Once the business owner has developed a strategic play plan, the next step is to call a financial consultant to help him apply his strategy. The financial consultant is there to make the right throw and help them score the winning touchdown!

If you are a business owner requiring a business loan, Financial Funding Networks can help you.

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