Should Derek Ask for a Small Business Loan?

Derek is a skilled, intelligent, hardworking businessman and director. Unfortunately, he has not been able to secure a small business loan for his startup business. Derek is in love with this idea of becoming someone who owns his own business, but he doesn't know how to convince his father-in-law to lend him the money.

It is unfortunate for him, as his prospects have been looking very bleak for the last few months, and he has been feeling intense frustration at the lack of success. He attempted to get a small business loan from all of the business funding agencies in town, but they all rejected him.

One day on LinkedIn, Derek notices a post for a business loan, and then he looks at the profile that reads: "Ask me how I can customize a business loan to fit your business needs." Unfortunately, Derek doesn't have the money on hand and is worried about getting into debt. But it's his last option. He remembers his father-in-law told him about when he was starting; how he came from nothing and had no way of financing anything on his own, blah, blah, blah... the end.

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Derek is in that stage where starting one's business is a dream, just like many of us were at one time. So what should he have done to convince his father-in-law to lend him the startup business money?

His father-in-law is trying to make him prove himself. Should he have been that tough with Derek?

As mentioned earlier, Derek is bright, but even the best of the best need someone to guide him in certain areas or fields. In this case, he is not sure if he takes on a small business loan. The right financial consultant can guide him in the process. All he needs to worry about is wisely implementing the business funding.

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